bitch i own you

I tak jestem trupem wiec po co trupa za sobą ciągnąć

it’s so easy to say ‘i miss that’, ‘i miss these times’, ‘i miss these people’.

or maybe it’s not.

maybe it takes a long time to realize and accept the fact that you actually, somewhere deep inside, feel that you are missing something. i miss high school. i miss france and moscow. i miss my friends. i miss last summer holiday. i miss any other summer holiday but i surely won’t miss the last three months. it’s just been the hardest time for me and everyone else around.

oh how i hate mornings. i won’t miss these mornings. 

and i do miss myself. the time when i was smiling and loving life, music and food. 

how much i miss myself.

i miss thinking about what i wanted to think about. 

i miss peace and freedom and happiness. and music and this life full of love and passion.

i miss my life. and from now on, i promise myself to do everything to recover. and i’m writing this on my tumblr but fuck this shit, i’m so proud of myself.

a, i’m gonna kick your stupid ass.



Evenings with friends 💕

Yeah sure

Sunday! 💗

Being stupid is stupid

Love being home with my little family

Getting pale or disappearing?